Saturday, 28 June 2014

Wolf lord

Hi all

So I mentioned a while ago about my space wolf army and the conversion I did for the wold lord so here he is. Hes my first major conversion and was probably more of a challenge than the grey knights. The legs were cut horizontally across thighs and shins, then extended with plasticard, greenstuff and milliput. The torso was extended width ways with plasticard and his stomach area is all greenstuff (not the best really.).

I used this guy in a 6 game tournament last year. He looked awesome and started game in a drop pod with 8 wolf guard. He had eternal warrior, tda, hammer, storm shield, wolf tail something etc. Totally kitted out.

He didn't cause 1 wound in all 6 games ... Very disappointed. He succumbed to mephiston, a necron lord that made him hit himself, and a bloodthirster. He spent a few rounds vs eldrad but didnt cause a wound. As such he is now a wolf guard or a lone wolf and I will create a new wolf lord.

Anyway here are the pics. He really does make that standard marine look very small indeed :)


  1. Damn that's good. He is massive. Shame about his in game performance, definitely sounds like lone wolf material to make amends to me.


  2. Nice ;) how do you like miliput? Are you mixing it with your green stuff? How do you rate it next to brown stuff (kneadite)? - skeletoro

  3. Thanks for the comments guys.

    For this guy I used either greenstuff or milliput. However for the grey knight below I used milliput mixed with green stuff and I really like using that as a medium. Its like the best of both worlds really.

    I actually own brownstuff but have never used it. I know it is supposed to be better for hard edges but for stuff like that I would use milliput mixed with greenstuff as you can do so much after it has set, which is good for me as my sculpting skills are quite poor!

  4. Came across a pic of yours. Side by side wolves. The airbrushed model was awesome. What colours do you use?
    This guy is massive. Awesome work.

  5. Irwit, care to share the method/colors you used to paint that SPace Wolf armour? Its beautiful.

  6. Hi all

    Sorry for the very late reply to this. No excuses, just kept forgetting!

    So the paints used are as followed.

    Through airbrush

    adeptus battle grey

    codex grey highlights

    fortress grey highlights

    Then shade with agrax earth and then again witha bit of black


    Gloss varnish coat and burnt umber oil wash, this is a much better way and nt as much hassle as it sounds.

    Fortress grey

    Astronomican grey

    Scorched brown damage
    Highlight with Astronomican grey

    Hope that helps. Anymore info just ask. Promise it wont take a month to reply!