Wednesday, 26 February 2014

A slow February...

Hi all

So February has been slow hobby wise. Real life, especially with a 1 and 2 year old can swallow a month without you even noticing.

Anyway, its not been totally swallowed. I actually hit a bit of a road block which took a while to get around. Basically there were some very inquisitorial looking parts I have from when you could order bits from gw. I order all the ornaments from all the inquisitor characters from the 55mm (I think) game.

I only have 1 of each so I have been looking for the best way to reproduce these parts. My first try was oyanmaru (spelling) and green stuff which was good but not great. I then stumbled on mixing greenstuff and milliput. This was an improvement but still inconsistent.

So I decided to do things properly. I researched resin casting and silicone molds and settled on the products in the pictures. Mouodcraft sg2000 and the far easier named blu-stuff.

These are my only reference for casting but I can say it was very easy and the results are perfect. Its definitely not cheap and I would honestly just buy the parts if I could, but I have enjoyed the learning experience and have a few more tricks up my sleeve when it comes to this hobby now.

So with the part now perfectly cast I now have the belt buckle for my grey knights sorted :)