Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Quick Krieg update

Hi all

Thought I would share this quick pic of another krieg infantry.  The pic is from the Red Steel Facebook page where this guy won Silver in the Steel Demon awards :)

The base is more what I am looking for but still not quite there.   Hes also leaning a  little as I hadn't fully glued him as I'm not totally sold on the base yet so its just the copper wire holding him in place.

Hope you like :)

Friday, 2 January 2015

Happy new year!

Hi all

So its a new year and I have a few new toys for the hobby. First PIC up is my hobby area. I now have some extra shelving and some paint racks for some new paint sets I bought. The first was the army painter mega set as recommended by Tommie at golem studios. The rest are all various scale 75 sets.
Have to say I much prefer dropper bottles. Army painter paints are OK, nothing amazing but nothing wrong really. The scale 75s are hit and miss. The black and greys are awesome, I also like the darker browns, however others are a bit weak. I guess its the same with any set.

Second new toys are some forgeworld death korps :) I got these a while ago but struggled to find a paint scheme that I liked. The I thought I would try my red and black scheme from the cadian I made earlier and thought it looked pretty good and I haven't seen it on the net so maybe slightly original.
The .models are fantastic. So much detail. They aren't the best casts I've seen from forgeworld and needed a lot of cleanup, however I think they are worth the extra effort. I was going to to post these guys when they were finished but I dont mind showing some shots wip.

Finally you may notice a messy looking pallette. Well I used to use a wet palette but was assured by tommie at golem painting a sprayed piece of plastic or wood will be better. Theory being you can see what the paint will do on the model before putting on the model. A wet pallette you are kind of guessing. Anyway it seems to work so I have kept with it. Can definitely recommend!

Anyway that's all for now and hopefully I will be back with some better pics of the death korps soon :)