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My name is Will, and welcome to my miniatures blog.  I've loved the 40k universe since I was first introduced in around 1992.  Wow that was a long time ago!  I was definitely more into the art side of the hobby but I definitely enjoyed a game or two.  I kept up with the hobby until my mid teens.   I always kept an eye on the hobby however, and the with the introduction of the internet, this let me keep an eye on the hobby an awful lot easier.

Fast forward many years and around my early to mid 20s I began being sucked back into the world of 40k via the world wide web. I would spend a lot of time searching for blogs and websites for painters I knew of from the Golden Demon winners section of White Dwarf.  I also loved websites like sodemons and demonwinner to keep an eye on what was the latest and greatest.  Even the Gamesworkshop website was a good source for info and keep up to date.  I began buying Warhammer and 40k related art books and found some real gems such as The Gothic and the Eldrich,  John Blanches Inquisitor sketchbook and a few others.
After moving nearer to home and buying a bigger house I felt I finally had the opportunity to get back into the hobby after a good 15 years of absence.  Since then I have restocked my hobby tools and am ready to begin a new chapter in my artwork.

I get a great amount of pleasure from my hobby and would genuinely like to thank all the people who's blogs and websites I have followed that have kept that fire burning long enough for me to rejoin the hobby.  I will not name them all now but I hope to do a small article on each website or blog along the road and give each person their due attention and praise.

Anyway,  I hope you enjoy the blog   :)



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