Friday, 6 June 2014

Grey knight wip

Hi all

So finally I have got round to painting the grey knight. I am trying something different with painting this guy. I normally paint a model one colour at a time. So prime in black or white. Then do all the reds, all the grey, all the browns etc. However when looking at other painters wip pics I've noticed some actually do all the base coats of every colour first then work from there. I can see the advantages, especially when painting a model with no pre set colour scheme as you can quickly see what red looks like here or there and be happy with the colour composition without having wasted time with shading and highlighting first.

Another new technique I am trying is painting sections by section. So the black armour I would normally paint all dark grey highlights on the whole model, then slightly lighter grey until finished. This time I am just finishing a section at a time.  So the lower leg,  upper leg,  maybe even just one panel if it is a major one.

I am finding both these changes a lot more enjoyable and flexible. I can try out more ideas which should hopefully help lead to a better finished product. Although I'm not going for 'best' finish on this guy as hopefully time permitting he will be one of many and setting the bar too high will only inhibit me further in finishing the squad,  I still want him to look good,  especially since I have spent so long on him.

Anyway with the waffle out the way here he is. I'm going for the old white dwarf colour scheme for grey knights which I think will suit the armour style of the model and I think is more gothic anyway.

Hope you like and thanks for looking. Comments welcome :)


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