Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Work bench

Hi all

So summer happened and also I got married  :)   It's been,  and still is a great summer in the UK,  particularly for the north west,  so time spent in the hobby room has been less than normal.  However things are still progressing.  I thought I would just add a couple of pics from the workbench.   The 5 Grey Knight models are now all finished and I'm really happy with them.  They were a challenge and I found my inability to decide on the smaller details proved the biggest issue in finishing them.   However the paint job on the first guy I thought was just looking a bit boring to be honest so hes going to get another coat of paint and I'm going to be adding battle damage,  rust etc to try and add some character to them.

Ive also started work on, for me,  my most complicated conversion so far,  a true scale terminator.  I know the Space Wolf Lord is I guess a true scale terminator,  but this guy I think is a lot bulkier and probably a bit taller too! You can see the scale in the pics he's looking pretty huge and in terms of what I have to do,  theres not too much there,  just lots of layers of putty etc. I like that in the first pic the scale of each model relates to how they should be in the fluff.  Should be fun!

Finally I will post up a recipe for the space wolf armour in the comments below some time this week,  sorry for the late reply on that one!

Hope you enjoy the pics :)

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