Friday, 3 April 2015

Death korps sentinel

Hi all

So here is the latest sentinel. Although it looks finished I'm probably going to respray this guy as I'm not happy with him. He looks good, but just doesn't sit with the super sharp look of the death korps troops. I think I went a bit OTT on the dirt and grit etc. Its a good start though. Hope you like!


Death korps

Hi all

Quick text but lots of models :). I've now dine about 15 death korps for the new army and thought I would try out ironsleets photo tutorial on them. I think they look pretty cool :)

Hope you like!



Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Quick Krieg update

Hi all

Thought I would share this quick pic of another krieg infantry.  The pic is from the Red Steel Facebook page where this guy won Silver in the Steel Demon awards :)

The base is more what I am looking for but still not quite there.   Hes also leaning a  little as I hadn't fully glued him as I'm not totally sold on the base yet so its just the copper wire holding him in place.

Hope you like :)

Friday, 2 January 2015

Happy new year!

Hi all

So its a new year and I have a few new toys for the hobby. First PIC up is my hobby area. I now have some extra shelving and some paint racks for some new paint sets I bought. The first was the army painter mega set as recommended by Tommie at golem studios. The rest are all various scale 75 sets.
Have to say I much prefer dropper bottles. Army painter paints are OK, nothing amazing but nothing wrong really. The scale 75s are hit and miss. The black and greys are awesome, I also like the darker browns, however others are a bit weak. I guess its the same with any set.

Second new toys are some forgeworld death korps :) I got these a while ago but struggled to find a paint scheme that I liked. The I thought I would try my red and black scheme from the cadian I made earlier and thought it looked pretty good and I haven't seen it on the net so maybe slightly original.
The .models are fantastic. So much detail. They aren't the best casts I've seen from forgeworld and needed a lot of cleanup, however I think they are worth the extra effort. I was going to to post these guys when they were finished but I dont mind showing some shots wip.

Finally you may notice a messy looking pallette. Well I used to use a wet palette but was assured by tommie at golem painting a sprayed piece of plastic or wood will be better. Theory being you can see what the paint will do on the model before putting on the model. A wet pallette you are kind of guessing. Anyway it seems to work so I have kept with it. Can definitely recommend!

Anyway that's all for now and hopefully I will be back with some better pics of the death korps soon :)