Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Dark eldar

Hi all

Two posts in one day??? What's going on?
Well not only has my PC been dead for the last couple of months I also broke my phone recently too and its taken about 5 weeks to replace! I do almost all my blogs using my phone using bloggeroid app. Its so easy. Take a pic on phone. Write up the post and done. Well I now have a PC and phone and with winter coming I should hopefully be blogging a bit more regular.

Back to the model. I've always thought the dark eldar range was the best model range gw ever made. Its almost a shame that they still are as let loose this is what we should expect for all armies. Anyway I got the urge to just paint as the grey knights modelling time has taken up 95 percent of my hobby time for the last couple of months so I wanted to get some easy models to get back into painting.

I've kept the gw paint scheme to keep things even more simple, with a more extreme osl on the eyes. Quite happy with this guy, who knows, he may be the first of many :)

Hope you guys like!


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