Thursday, 16 January 2014

Winged death

Hi all

So I am putting together some ideas for the Grey Knights army and one unit I would like to include are Interceptors.  Rules wise they are what I like,  fast moving and pretty tough.  Below is a model I worked on last year but I think it would be a pretty good base for an interceptor since they are kind of the Grey Knight equivalent of the jump infantry unit.

I really like the angel look of this guy.   It is actually based on a conversion I saw on Dakka Dakka but I lost the link a while ago(for some reason chrome doesn't save any kind of backup of your favorites,  at all!!) so if anyone else knows of which model I am talking about it would be great to give credit to the original creator.

My only concern is that this guy looks tiny next to my other grey knights but in terms of fluff I don't really see these guys as marines and more some kind of tricked out Crusaders.   Maybe I will try and de-space marine them a little more with some different shoulderpads and such to help sell that idea a bit more.  

The other Grey Knight are around 40% built.  Taking a bit longer than I thought with all the greenstuff and filling etc.  They are still the main priority,  however I thought I would look at some other stuff while they are all drying.

Anyway,  I hope you like!

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