Friday, 10 January 2014

Grey knight update

So a small update on the grey knight. Most things are now glued. Wires have been extended along with the rest of the midsection. Also I've added a psychic hood. I want to add a tabbard between the legs replacing the roman style part, however I'm not sure if my greenstuff skills are good enough.

One big problem I suffer with in the hobby is I am not daring enough. I play things safe. If it looks ok without, then don't add it as it may make it worse. However with the cloth I think it will help give a more gothic feel to the model.

I'm also not sure if this guy should be a larger base or not. I want to use him and his 4 pals in games so I'm stuck between, should he be a grey knight terminator, paladin or standard power armour grey knight? Also for aesthetics I'm not sure if a big base somehow plays down his size, or simply adds to the drama.

I'm going to start work on the next guy now and make these decisions later down the line so not to waste too much time.

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