Saturday, 18 January 2014


Hi all

Another oldie, well 2 in fact.

I was a huge necromunda fan when it was released, it was a great game with great miniatures. It also had cool modular scenery which made games even better. I had a couple of gangs and various hired guns.

Anyway I present to you my old and new ratskin renegade. So one will of been painted when I was around 12 or so, the second was painted last year.

Now outside the hopefully obvious progression of painting skills one thing I noticed is something I have mentioned earlier in this blog. The 12 year old me may of not been the best painter in the world, but he was a lot braver!

The colored tattoos, the eyes and pupils painted. These are things I rarely "dare" risk the chance of them not working. You have spent hours on the skin the last thing you do is start painting freehand patterns over it and risk ruining all that hard work. Same with the eyes. Easier to add a fake scar and just dot the eye ball white. This is not a good trait of mine and something I need to rise above. Being scared of making a mistake is probably the biggest mistake you can make, and I am knowingly and constantly doing this.

Art should be brave and that is something I hope that will return to me.

Anyway, hope you like the models.

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