Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Quick Krieg update

Hi all

Thought I would share this quick pic of another krieg infantry.  The pic is from the Red Steel Facebook page where this guy won Silver in the Steel Demon awards :)

The base is more what I am looking for but still not quite there.   Hes also leaning a  little as I hadn't fully glued him as I'm not totally sold on the base yet so its just the copper wire holding him in place.

Hope you like :)


  1. Great looking model. I think the base looks pretty nice. What are you trying to achieve with it? Are you trying to make a snowy backdrop?

    1. Thanks Adam.

      Im looking for a snowy base but I think what I have here is close, just a bit messy. Probably going to be somewhere between this one and the base from the guy with the flamer on the previous post which is a little cleaner and easier to read what is snow and what is rock, however the snow is a bit too opaque. Ill get there but just busy gluing tanks and painting more infantry.