Saturday, 11 October 2014


Hi all

So warhammerfest is here and I've just finished some models to take down with me. They're not painted to win, not that I could paint to win anyway, but it will be nice to let some of my models actually see the light of day.

I went to games day in the 90s and loved it. Great memories. My last games day was 98 or 99 I think. Last year on the Saturday before games day I made a last minute decision to go back to games day. Although I had some great chats with brian nelson and mark Bedford, both really nice guys, the overall event was pretty lifeless. It was basically a big shop. Not even golden demon could redeem the event as the models were very poorly displayed.

Anyway when warhammerfest was announced I bought a ticket straight away and have high hopes that this will be a much better event.

Fingers crossed :)

Finally here's a quick pic of my entry. Its amazing what a deadline can do. I spent weeks trying to find a good way of basing those blood angels from earlier in the year and in as I had nothing else to take I decided last night to get them based and take with me. These bases were modeled in 30mins or so and all painted in the last couple of hours. I'm really pleased with how they have turned out too :)

Hope you guys like them!




  1. So, how did your Blood Angels fare?

    Also, when can we see some more updates? :)



  2. Hi ludo

    So the blood angels didn't even get a finalists badge! Bit confused as they are much better than my space wolves grey hunters from last year who did place so I guess there's a bit of luck I guess. One thing I noticed it that they were quite dark, which is what I wanted, but seeing next to golden demon entries, maybe its a but too dark. Who knows, still I had a great time there and saw some amazing models.